Somalia country code

How to call Somalia using country code ?

Somalia is located in Africa near countries : Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Oman and Seychelles. The international country code to dial Somalia is :

As many Africain countries, the international dialing code 252 is only required to call Somalia from abroad. Concerning national calls made in Somalia, it is not necessary to dial the Somalian country code 252.

Phone use and access in Somali Democratic Republic

  • International access code (exit code) : 00 (to dial when making calls from Somalia to abroad)
  • Somalian international dialing code : 252
  • Fixed telephone Subscriptions (2013) : 98,320 Somalian subscribers
  • Mobile cellular users (2013) : 4,817,688 Somalian mobile users
  • Mobile phone coverage : 80% of Somalis

How to call Somalia from USA and Canada

Calling Somalian landline phone number

  • enter the exit code '011' ;
  • dial Somalia country code : 252 ;
  • dial the area code : For example "??" is ???? area phone code ;
  • add the Somalian phone number without the leading '0'.
Illustration : 011 252 ?? XXX XXX.

Calling Somalian mobile phone number (cellular phone)

  • enter the exit code '011' or '+';
  • dial Somalia country code : 252 ;
  • add the Somalian mobile phone number without the leading '0'.
Illustration : 011 252 Z XXX XXX. ('Z' represent the cellular area code)

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Somalia Map

image google map Somalia  

Information about Somalia:

Knowing Somalia

Somalia belongs to the Africain continent bordering Kenya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Tanzania, Oman and Seychelles. Somalian population is about 9832017 inhabitants with an area of 637,657 km². The capital of Somalia is Mogadishu and the iso code is : SOM.

What time is it now in Somalia ?

Before calling your Somalian correspondent , it is important to know what time it is in Somalia.
Somalian local time :

It is 15:48:26 now.

Current day :

We are the 04-19-2018.


Somalian cities area codes

Area code
Calling from USA/Canada/ North America Calling from UK/Australia /France/Europe...
61 Mogadiscio 01125261 0025261
1 Hargeysa 0112521 002521